My Story

I am Dr. Steven Gabriel, MD, a board-certified physician who completed my residency in Emergency Medicine at UCLA Medical Center.

I completed my internship at the University of Hawaii and pursued specialized fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. My journey in medicine began at SUNY, Downstate Medical Center in New York, where I earned my medical degree. Prior to that, I dedicated my undergraduate years to studying microbiology and molecular genetics, with a specialization in developmental disabilities at UCLA.

During my time as an Emergency Department physician, my fascination with disease processes and aging deepened. This passion led me to undertake a fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. I firmly believe that aging is a disease process that we have the potential to halt, rather than an inevitable course of life.

My focus lies in the pursuit of your optimal biologic outcome at the cellular level. I am deeply passionate about discovering the finest superfoods, dietary approaches, exercise regimens, and proteins that have the potential to effect changes at the DNA and cellular level, ultimately rejuvenating you to your youngest potential.

I've been fortunate to collaborate with athletes and leaders in various industries, striving to uncover the most effective solutions for reversing the aging process.

Additionally, I currently hold the position of Chief Medical Officer at Frezzor, a supplement company renowned for producing the purest and highest quality supplements on the market. My commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field has driven me to pursue further training in various specialized areas, including IV nutrition, genetics, skin and hair health, stem cells, and cellular rejuvenation.